Clearly Love is The Way

How can we overcome the challenges we face that derive with our uniqueness?

The answers lie within. Release your fears from a place of LOVE.

My name is Claire Langlois and I warmly welcome you to Clearly Love Is the Way. Clearly Love is the Way is a coaching practice that offers deep healing to move you toward a greater and more profound balance in your life. My intention is to serve you from my heart and empower you to take the next step forward on your unique path.

How have you lived up until to now? Like a tree, we stretch our branches and roots to search for what we need to live and grow. Now, many of us suffer from pain that seems to have no explanation. We’ve tried everything to resolve our issues, yet still they remain.

I believe we are more than our story. There is so much yet to be revealed about ourselves. We can reach out to the world with all the joy and abundance life has to offer. Now is when we start. Now is where life unfolds.

and Clearly Love Is The Way

The secret of love Is in opening up your heart. It's okay to feel afraid, But don't let that stand in your way. ‘Cause anyone knows That love is the only road. And since we're only here for a while, Might as well show some style. Give us a smile.

- James Taylor, "Secret O' Life"

Claire Langlois

Claire Langlois
I am a student, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an employee, an employer.

I’ve come to learn the only constant in life is change. Our journey of transformation is unique to each of us, but if we can embrace who we are from within, we open ourselves up to the world around us.

I opened my heart to help others realize their dream for a better life. Today, I am a certified coach and Emotion Code and Body Practitioner. Together, we connect to identify the root causes of your sufferings and clear the way for your path to love in a way that allows for more faith, freedom and fulfillment in your life.

Before I was a coach, I was a successful interior designer. And like designing spaces, as a coach I don’t change anything; I simply use what’s there and help arrange it in a way that allows for more balance and harmony from the base of your intention.

As an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, I call upon your energy field to identify and release the trapped emotions causing you discomfort and disease and guide you with love toward meaningful change. By connecting with love to our light from within, we can create a relationship with our inner being at the deepest level. My clients enjoy a new state of peace, potential and empowerment. Their pain has subsided. They engage with more confidence in their passion. They are free to be themselves. With faith in your heart, we strive for freedom and fulfillment.


My story…

In my late teens, I suffered from an episode of eczema on my hands.
They were swollen, red, and I could barely hold a pencil.

I was in severe pain until I could not bear it anymore. In distress, I went to the emergency room. Alone in the waiting room, I wondered why this was happening and how I could prevent this from happening again.

The answer I was hoping to hear was an ointment that could bring me relief. But as I innocently explained what I was going through in my life, the doctor, with much concern in his voice, asked me: “Why are you doing this to yourself?” I felt in that moment a loving connection; he touched my heart and ignited the potential of reversing my pain to anything I wanted. He helped me believe it was possible to help myself and turned my life toward the direction of empowerment.

It was a transformation of the self at the deepest level of my being. Since then I have followed my intuition toward ways to love myself and cultivating my relationship with the Universal Love. For me, the Emotion Code and Body Code modality is built on this same sense of love for and understanding of our higher self. I believe the potential of Love is infinite and eternal.

The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™

The Emotion Code™ is the fruit of our understanding of energetic human potential. Energy it is the common factor of all there is. From my point of view, emotion is a powerful, complex energy flowing through us. Emotions are created by our thoughts, beliefs and our values. Trapped emotions disturb our balance which manifests in mind, body and soul. You feel stuck, restrained, limited, distressed. The Emotion Code™ is a subtle process of liberating the course of trapped emotions. It is an experience as unique as you are.

Energy medicine might be new to your world of understanding, but it has been acknowledged since 4000 B.C. by ancient Chinese and Indian medicine that human health is greatly influenced by the quality of energy. Today, we call it vitality.

From his personal observations and experiences of 27 years of practice, Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor wrote The Emotion Code. Published in 2007, The Emotion Code™ introduces “'a self-help method that quite often produces marvelous results and wonderful benefits both physical and emotional in nature.” He proposes a way to use muscle testing to identify the trapped emotions that are causing imbalance in your energy field and how to release these trapped emotions.

* His wife Jean K. Nelson co-created the Emotion and Body Code System.

An Emotion Code™ session is offered within a coaching relationship. Like stepping stones on the river, we move where we want to go from where you are at a better vibration level of being.

The Body Code™ is the Emotion Code™ with many more angles of looking at the energetic mirror of your soul. Using six keys elements of health we identify the thread of causes that have created the fabric of imbalance in your life. With acknowledgement, we surrender to the release and open ourselves to new possibilities.

I invite you to visit for more information on The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™.

Clearly LOVE Is The Way.